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Dive into the inspiring pages of “Hey Girl, Yes You” – a touching book that knows no borders. Through heartfelt stories and timeless wisdom, this book embraces every girl’s journey, wherever she may be – India, the US, or Europe. Unravel the chains of gender discrimination and discover the freedom to be your true self. Let these 33 Pearls of Wisdom guide you towards healing and empowerment. Embrace the strength of your name and step into a world of possibilities. Your transformation awaits – seize it now! Order your copy now and embark on a beautiful voyage of self-discovery and growth.


"Hey Girl, Yes You" is a powerful and empowering book that transcends borders and speaks directly to the heart of every girl, regardless of where she resides - India, the US, or Europe. In a world where gender discrimination is an unfortunate reality, this book boldly addresses the cultural roots of inequality that affect us all.

From a young age, girls are burdened with restrictions that shape their beliefs, leading them to perceive freedom as a distant luxury, while their male counterparts enjoy it effortlessly. As they hit puberty, an overwhelming list of do's and don'ts is thrust upon them, further limiting their choices and aspirations.

If you've ever experienced the disparities between you and your brother, where you were subjected to time curfews and lectures on how to dress and behave, you're not alone. The journey from pampered daughter to labeled "troubled teen" and "angry young woman" is a shared experience.

Written from the perspective of a woman who herself embraced the need for change, this book serves as a catalyst for breaking through gender barriers. Within its pages, you'll discover 33 Pearls of Wisdom - invaluable insights that empower every girl to shape her own destiny, choose the life she desires, and heal from the wounds inflicted by a biased society.

As you immerse yourself in this compelling read, you'll find the strength to let your true persona shine, unapologetically and authentically. When the world asks, "What's in a name?" Stand tall and reply, "Everything." Embrace the power of your identity and bask in the glory of your name.

"Hey Girl, Yes You" is more than just a book; it's a movement towards empowerment, self-discovery, and positive change. Join me on this transformative journey and let the words within this paperback inspire you to challenge the status quo, one page at a time.

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4 reviews for Hey Girl, Yes You – Paperback

  1. CK

    A guide for every woman of any age. I read the book in one sitting but this is a book that I will go back to again and again to be a better version of myself and live life to the fullest as a woman.

  2. Ashima

    Simply put very integral aspects that every woman goes through. An easy and quick read. A must for every woman.

  3. Sameera

    I read the book and it is a complete guide for a teenage girl who is stepping into adolescence. A great read for girls to prepare them for adulthood, societal pressure and finally honoring themselves.

  4. Malvika

    I am not a voracious reader but still, I read this book. There is so much every woman can relate to the content and get motivated to do all impossible things !!! I highly recommend all women to read this book.

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